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Weekend Assignment: It Didn't Work!

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Sooner or later, everyone buys, is given or otherwise acquires something that just doesn't work as expected. Tell us about that useless, broken, fraudulent, glitchy, disappointing acquisition.

It seems that last Christmas nothing I bought for Paul worked as advertised. The one cool gift I thought he'd really love was one of those virtual keyboards that projects a laser display on the desktop. It didn't work with any Bluetooth stack (software) he had, as I recall. It went back. (And there's the extra credit.)

This year, he's told me exactly what he wants and I hope I can find the item. I will buy it in consultation with him, too. No surprises. It's something he needs, so I know it'll get some use.

We live on the bleeding edge of technology, so not everything works as advertised. Some things go back, and others we hack away at until they work. That's just how it goes.


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11/1/2009 11:05:23 AM

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