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Weekend Assignment: Stay Cool

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What's your favorite way to stay cool in the summer? Is this even an issue where you live?

I'm in Texas. Of course, heat is an issue.

We have two seasons: Hot (Summer) and Less Hot (Winter, ostensibly). Ski season for us is a snow flurry. Oh, we get a few cold nights - perhaps enough to freeze the early blooms on the fruit trees. Spring and Fall each last for about two weeks.

So, how do I keep cool? Two words: Water. Fans. I'm in the home office now with the ceiling fan on 11 and drinking like a fish. And you know what fish drink. (No, not tequila.)

Extra Credit: Was climate a significant factor in deciding to live where you do?

I had no choice. My parents followed the job, and owing to the fact that I was five at the time, I had little choice but to follow my parents. We drove down in the dead of winter, as I recall. It was 20 or so in Wichita, and 80 or so when we arrived at our house in North Texas. Talk about a warm welcome!

I went to university locally, met and married my husband (last week's tale) and since he had a nice job in the area, we settled in. So, here we are.


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7/13/2009 12:35:23 PM
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