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Feline Friday

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Abby's back!


Some of you may have seen her on the Catcam recently, sans E-Collar. Abby has spent most of her time hanging out in the utility room. You'd think she'd not want to spend so much time in the room where she'd previously been confined, but it may be that it's a spot where the nasty creatures don't attack her skin. Well, that's how she sees it. We humans suspect the skin issues are an allergic reaction to something, most likely pollen.

She's feeling much better now, and has started checking out some of her old haunts  around the house. Today she snuggled up next to me and demanded petting for the first time in ages. So yes, Abby's back, and we're very happy!

To join in the Feline Friday Fun, visit Steven's (sometimes)photoblog. Do say "hello" to his cat, Pickle.

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7/25/2008 2:15:53 PM

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