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It's Friday. Have A Cat.

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Friday, January 9, 2015

Midnight has been spending a great deal of the day asleep on top of the desk. She's laying on several anti-static cloths we spread out in front of the printer.

Lately she's been in a "pet me" mood, and even moreso since Paul has been working at home for a couple of days. If she's not in his lap, then she's pacing back and forth along the long side of the big "L"-shaped desk here in the home office, begging for attention. For a time she found a great home on top of the materials I was trying to retype into a database. Hey,  that was fun. 

But now she's shagged out after a long bout of begging for attention, I have no doubt she'll stir again when we decamp to the kitchen (which we will do Real Soon Now), for there lay the bags of Treats.

And yeah, I'm going to have to wash those cloths. But cat hair is the perfect accessory for touch screens, especially if shed from from Geek Kitty. That's what she thinks.

Have a good weekend, and stay warm!

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