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Monday Photo Shoot

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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Show something you're thankful for this year.

I'm thankful for two things this year: Hope and the people in my life who put up with me. But you want a cryptic picture, after which I'll explain all:

The rabbit with big pointy teeth has my manuscript!

The rabbit with big pointy teeth has my manuscript. There is no hope for the paper. ;-)

This is the anthology story I sent in last week (with massive bits of information blanked out because, you know, I have a personal life). I hope they accept it. I may know by Christmas.

Actually, I'm thankful that I have something this mundane to hope for this year. Last year I was sweating out my a follow-up exam after a second procedure to remove some very early-stage cancer cells. Just so you know, I did get the "all clear" this summer. (It takes a year.) So yes, I am very thankful for the outcome and for the medical professionals who took care of me.

At this point it's fairly self-evident as to why I'm thankful for the folks in my life who put up with me. Not only were they there through all the mess I went through with my body, but they put up with the presence of a writer in the house.

As much as that picture symbolizes hope, it also points out a basic need for acceptance that many creative-types seem to have. Hey, publication is nice. The paycheck is darn useful. Yet, they pale in comparison to the notion that someone actually likes what I've done.

I am so shallow.

Have a good Thanksgiving, everyone, and stay safe.

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