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Monday, June 11, 2007

Bricktown, Oklahoma City

Bricktown, in Oklahoma City

I am tired.

Soonercon was a lot of fun, but it was exhausting. Conventions usually are for us, but I'd go to many more if I could.

Note to self for future conventions: One early panel is fine, but not every freakin' morning. And especially not the morning after the Yard Dog Press party at which Hurling Monkeys are served. Or the morning after ANY YDP party, for that matter. At least Selina Rosen was at the same early morning panel! In fact, I was the only non-YDP writer (Selina isn't just a YDP writer, she's the publisher!) on the panel, but dang it, I'd been there partying like I WAS a YDP writer!

So now you know my dark secret: I indulge at convention room parties. Heck, I'm not driving so why not? For the record, I didn't get plastered. I had 1.5 small Hurling Monkeys. And boy, does that phrase look odd out of context. A Hurling Monkey, if you haven't guessed, is an alcoholic libation. It sounds nastier than it really is, but it's delicious.

The Generic Radio Workshop program went off well. I just wish we had a larger audience for the performance, but everyone in the cast seemed to have a wonderful time. Paul is editing the recording and he should have it ready to go soon.

We made it down to Bricktown on Friday. I'm still processing pictures (the one above is from last year), but here's a bit of neon:


This post is taking a rather alcoholic bent, isn't it?

This is short, but I still have catching up to do, particularly in the laundry department. More tomorrow.

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