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Midnight BirdwatchingMidnight Birdwatching Hosted on Zooomr

Poor Midnight. She'd been rolling around in the carpet, then I opened the back door so she could watch birds. I haven't done any housecleaning today, so she picked up all sorts of crud when she rolled around. My apologies for the messy kitty, but I liked the shot anyway.

To play along, visit Steven's (sometimes)photoblog and leave a link to your picture of a cat or just tell a cat tale. But you know what? It's fine if you just want to look at all the lovely kitties. There are some good photographers lovely kitties that take part in this meme. (Note from Midnight: I fixed that for the Human Woman. You visit for the cats - not the human photographers!)

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4/20/2007 2:31:15 PM

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