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Weekend Assignment - When Computers Attack

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Weekend Assignment #153: Share a story of true computer horror.Your computer blow up just before a big presentation? You forget to take down a compromising picture before the in-laws come over? Ever thought you were IMing with one person but in fact were IMing someone else? Share! You'll feel better. Really.

Much like John Scalzi, my worst computer events follow either a hardware or software upgrade. Those of you who follow this journal (both of you - thanks for reading!) have followed my Vista upgrade headaches over the past week. This was nothing compared to the problems I had last fall. Before I tracked it down to a bad power supply I'd tried everything but exorcism. Had I known a qualified exorcist...

I try never to upgrade when I'm in the middle of a big project, but that's not always possible - not when the hard drive starts making noises like a ratchet wrench or the printer goes belly-up in the middle of a huge run. Stuff always seems to die when I'm on deadline, and since I'm almost always on one deadline or another...

I tend to live on the "bleeding edge" as far as computing goes. Murphy's Law applies on a daily basis. Why do I subject myself to such torture? Partly because I'm a geek, and partly because I write copy for tech retailers and companies. It helps to know what I'm writing about.

Forget all of the above. The real reason I do this is because I'm compelled to do so by Geek Kitty. Here she is, perusing the Fry's ad:

Black Fry's DayBlack Fry's Day Hosted on Zooomr

We are merely slaves to our cats.

Oh, yes! The Extra Credit: So, ever actually hit your computer in frustration?

I've shaken the monitor a few times, and I have a perpetual bruise on my forehead from banging it against the desk in frustration. My computer sits under the desk, which means the top of the desk is a much better target.

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