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Stately Barrett Manor

What's for dinner, Mom?

Why, we're having Festive Meat Loaf, Zucchini with Tomato Sauce, and Straberry Bavarian - all made with recipes from my new cookbook!

Cookin' With Dr Pepper

Yes, you get that wonderful Dr Pepper goodness in every bite!

This is an actual cookbook from 1965. Have some Strawberry Bavarian with Special Whipped Topping and just a touch of radium from dad's watch to give it that special glow:

Cookin' With Dr Pepper

Mmmm-mmmm! Aren't you hungry already?

Pictured alongside the creamy dessert is Melon Cup floating in lemon juice and  - you guessed it - Dr Pepper.

Missing from the book is the infamous Hot Dr Pepper drink, best served with a fresh slice of lemon. You must make it with your very own Dr Pepper immersion heater. But of course!

Cookin' With Dr Pepper

Why, it just wouldn't do to be caught using an ordinary immersion heater - or gasp! - a saucepan to warm your Dr Pepper.

In the 1990s the Dr Pepper empire merged with the 8-UP dynasty which resulted in the eventual creation of a new cookbook.You may find it online if you check around...