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Saturday, September 23, 2023

Dufftown - Edinburgh


We had breakfast at a café called Sidings, which was made from old railcars. Dufftown Station is part exhibit, part working station. The train runs from one end of Dufftown to Keith. It’s also called the Whiskey Train because it stops at several distilleries. It’s run by volunteers.

From there we went to Glenfiddich Distilleries to take the tour and tasting. We got many pictures, of course. It was very fascinating, and I hope the pictures tell part of the story.

Unfortunately, Paul didn’t get to do the tasting as he was driving. He was, however, given a giftbox of small bottles of the 12-, 15-, and 18-year-old whiskies

Our Edinburgh hotel is on the edge of town, so we splurged for a taxi each way to the city for our meal. Dinner was at Hotel du Vin, in a building dating to 1743. It was once a psychiatric hospital known as Bedlam. One private dining room is named for Burke and Hare, the grave robbers who supplied doctors with corpses.

We almost booked a room there, but decided we didn’t want to deal with driving in the city. The cab was definitely worth the money so we could have a glass of wine with dinner.


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