Barrett Manor

Bird's-eye View

Bird's-eye View

Bird's-eye View of Exposition from Ferris Wheel.

From the back:The Fifty million dollar Exposition, in all its grandeur, is spread out before you. From a car of the Ferris Whell, 250 feet in the air, one looks out upon the World's Far in every diretion. to the east and north are the exhibit palaces, lagoons, and Festival Hall. Far to the north are the outlines of the Pike. To the northwest are the foreign buildings and the Administration Building, with the aeronatic concourse and the Stadium beyond them. The Phillippine Reservation appears to the southwest beyond the great palace of Agriculture and in the south and southeast a few state buildings may be seen nestling among the trees.

The wheel stands a little north of the center of the grounds and the view is most delightful. This is the same wheel which stood upon the grounds of the Columbian Exposition, Chicago, in 1893. It was transported from that city, and so large is it, that 175 freight cars were required to remove its 4,200 tons of materials to St. Louis. The wheel supends 36 cars, each of which carries 60 patrons.