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These stories are in chronological order; the latest is at the end. See the note at the bottom regarding revisions. Latest update - 7/2006

Just Another Day at the Office (3/14/2005) If nothing else, the case would delay the inevitable drudgery of clinic duty.

Quickie Story (Untitled) (3/18/2005) This NEVER happened. An extension of the "Do you like me," conversation in Control.

Another Conversation That Never Happened (3/24/2005) Set between Mob Rules and Heavy. Cameron decides it is time to have a talk with Dr. House.

Toys and Games (4/5/2005) Set after Heavy. This time things between House and Vogler start to get personal. (Warning: Contains strong language.)

Aftermath (4/18/2005) Set at the end of Role Model. Cameron has just left. A character sketch, peeking inside of House's mind. And boy, is that place scary!

Happy Days (4/21/2005) Because Wednesday is bowling night. And there had to be a time in Greg House's life when he was happy. If only for one night.

Playing Doctor (10/12/2005 rev. 1/2006) Doctors make the worst patients.

The Private Patient (7/2006) Of all the odd bits and pieces that Greg House had collected over the years, this was the one most likely - if its existence ever became known - to land him in the loony bin. That or Stockholm...


These stories are often revised. I'll note the date of revision if I make a major change to a particular story. Otherwise, revisions are mostly for grammar, spelling, or minor issues.

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Comments? Please use the contact link.

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