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Shooting (Pictures) In The Back Yard

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Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Things are starting to green up a bit here in North Texas. Most of my readers (maybe both of you!) know about the winter weather we had last month. We probably got close to a foot of snow, and the power was mostly out for a couple of days. I'm still not sure if all of the plants that were overwintering in the garage survived, but everything is out on the patio, and some plant life is emerging in the yard. Seemed a good opportunity to take some pictures. So let's see what I got!


All of the 'nip died, so I replaced it last week. 


A succulent on the patio.




Lichen, and one sign of a tree bud.


From the wax leaf in the front of the house. You can see some of the damage the leaves took during the storm.


Dandelion, with bee.


Dandelion, without bee. All gone to seed. A bit of a metaphor for my life, methinks.


A wild herby/weedy thing in the back yard.

So there ya go! It felt good to get outdoors and shoot some pictures. I must do it again sometime!

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