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It's time for me to recycle clothing for the new con season. I'm very big on vintage and thrift items. Here's the latest haul. I have to apologize for the pictures because it was windy and Honoria Glossop (my dress form) fell over after I brought her outdoors all dressed with the first outfit. Her boobs are now squished and rather high. Uh, oops. Oh, well. It'll work for you to see what I bought.


This was sold as a suit, but now that I get it into full sunlight it's obvious that these are separates. Based on the construction and the zipper on the skirt I'm going to guess early-mid 1960s. And check out the lining in the third picture. It needs a little TLC, but nothing a needle, thread, and a little patience won't take care of. The velvet is in great shape. I may try to find a pencil skirt to wear with this. Matching blacks is going to be a pain, but maybe I can find something acceptable.


This is today's nifty find. The label says Newport News, which is the same as my black riding jacket. Unlike the riding jacket, I can't find this coat anywhere. It's got to be brand new; inside is a little bag with a replacement snap. (The closure is a snap covered by the flower.) This may be a second. It looks like someone started to sew one of the snaps on in the wrong spot and resewed it. All I need to do is carefully snip a couple of stray threads and it'll be just fine. Wouldn't this look lovely paired with cream?

I also picked up a gorgeous evening dress. I'm keeping this a surprise because it's one of two I picked up to wear at WorldCon. Why two? One for backup, of course. I'm a terrible klutz, and leave it to me to stain my dress at the reception. 

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