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2008 Challenge

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Here's my first picture!

Plano Plaque

This plaque, nestled under some trees downtown, shows a drawing of Plano in 1891. You can see an interactive version of the drawing here. My neighborhood wasn't on the map at the time, but it would be just off the drawing beyond where the line of trees stops near the upper right-hand quadrant. It's just a couple of miles or so away from the cluster of large buildings at the city center. The railroad track that bisects the city from the lower-left to the upper-right is now the DART rail line.

Trevor has laid out some guidelines for the challenge at the challenge home site. I'm going to try very hard to plan out my shots. In fact, I'm keeping a list of places I'd like to shoot in a file on my desktop. I don't know how well I'll be able to carry out my plans as the weather around here is very changeable from now through the end of May. That's why I'm keeping a list. If one spot doesn't work out, perhaps another will. And if this spring is half as rainy as last spring - this could be fun. Not really.That's why it's a challenge, right?

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